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God is above all your idols – God is above all men even kings and queens presidents naturalized citizens and illegal alien serial killers posing as presidents


Our None Gender God creator of the Spirit of man – Everywhere with My Love By Paul McCartney

This video was created to give you perspective. God is above the spirit of man – me – who died on the cross for your sins as Jesus Christ.

Think of me in any of my incarnations as a teacher, prophet, king or priest always a tool that having the power of God and the gift of prophecy that my main teaching is God is always greater than mankind and any Idol you might hold above God even yourself.

I always teach that there is only one God who without form created all things that have form.  God is all-encompassing,  God is all Knowing, God is present in every particle scientist can think of simultaneously through time and space eternal that is filled with untold dimensions that go on forever and is still one God.

Our None Gender God is both a mother spirit and a father spirit as well as a spirit that has no form and without name that for me is where I draw my origins, where exists my strength and from where my reverence is drawn to,  who having no form created me in without form and gave me form as the spirit of man and raised me as a Good Father and a Good Mother would raise a son.

God is all things to me even a whole family and light unto my path. It is hard to express to humans that I am God’s first creation made in the image and likeness of God and experienced what it is to be without form and non Gender for a long time before becoming the spirit of man.

There are many good religious traditions around the world and if you cannot embrace them as a mortal they all come to life when you die and you remember them.

Before you reincarnate or are born again into another culture where religions exists and depending on the country’s freedom of good religion, you have a choice to draw near God.

The more anthropological we get on earth and the more accepting of the genetic lines God created for us to help us overcome our pride and prejudice, the more saturated the earth will become with all our good religious traditions so anywhere and on any continent we live,  God’s spirit can draw us to one of those religious traditions, because a free government instituted freedom of religion and allowed good religions to be built-in their nations.

That is a good thing to pray for always that your leaders always endow the citizenry with the right to worship God throughout any of the many good religions and their branches that exists and we have a duty to police cults like masonry or religious cults that kill such as the Jonestown massacre where Jim Jones declared himself Jesus Christ and led his church to French Guyana a time in history we shall never forget.

We have a duty to recognize the fruit of God in a Good religion or a branch of a good religion before calling them cults such as the mistake we made with Mormonism when the greatest cults in the world – Masonry and Freemasonry (suit and tie Satanism) was using demonology and wizardry to make us think they were the leaders of the future and that Democracy was a harmless system of voting.

We now know that Democracy is a form of Government run by religious high priests called GrandMaster Masons who must achieve 33 degrees of separation from God by rituals of Human Sacrifice and each Nation had their rite of human sacrifice under the yoke of their slavery and for the United States it was the Scottish Rite of human sacrifice that dominated politics and politicians religiously 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If but our new politicians can allow prayer in schools and pray daily in their closets and live prayerful lives inside their hearts and minds they can be just as dominant as Masons were.

Religious freedom does not include religions that kill for magical power like Masonry and Freemasonry.  It is for this reason America was founded and is of all the nations the most eclectic religiously free country in the world…Masonry and Satanism not withstanding.  These are not qualified as good sound mainstream religions despite their religious sacred rites and observances of the rite of human sacrifice.

The right to worship God in spirit and in truth is something we have yet to achieve in all nations by tolerating and accepting good religions that we once repelled.

We must be discerning of the publicans that use secular terms and be as wise as they are and as gentle as doves.

Dissemination of all the good religions and religious buildings in many countries is still a great challenge, but not impossible and once achieved it will be a giant step in our spiritual evolution and our eternal  journey via reincarnation through space and time.

I once said, “God is a Fire Starter” call God Agni – and Agni will light a metaphorical fire under you to wake up your soul.

If one religion does not do it for you, another will and all good teaching withstanding you will discover that all good mainstream religions share the same values, books and morals that make good the people and forge good Samaritans in all of us.

Cordially Principe Jose Maria Chavira – the Son of God (Full Divine Name) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT – the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

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