We continue in a news and information Holocaust around the world

We continue in a news and information Holocaust around the world

The Temple Mount Jerusalem Dec 28, 2017 What do the words ”freedom” and ”patriotism” really mean when they come from liars or people who by their disposition enslave others by their attitudes, their actions and their ideals not caring for the truth or equality nor for the idea of freeing their media slaves?

Any set of words once used to free or to motivate the people to fight against tyranny can also be used by the enemies of freedom who falsify themselves pretending upon society heroes and leaders that do not exists and men who were mere fabrications of men and body doubles an image of leadership crafted and created by masons and masonry to appease the masses and satisfy their own secret society sexual thirsts.

What then has become of men who make sex with other men and issue to work in the highest posts of government?

Is this way of thinking the new world order?  If so I want nothing to do with the kind of men who condition boys sexually even from a young age to be with other men.

Is this the sexual revolution?

Sexual freedoms? What is that?  Sex belongs in private and in the appropriate contexts.

Is society supposed to tolerate open male homosexuality backed by hazing and greek fraternal male homosexual rituals too grotesque to describe at any length?

Are we as a society supposed to be convinced that closet homosexuality is permission to engage in public male homosexual acts or allow or accept male homosexual orgies in our white houses or palaces while paying homage to dead mason presidents?

This is what POTUS todays International organized crime group would have for us and there are good people still eating from this plate believing the lies in the news and on the radio.

This is still a worldwide problem.

Our way of life has nothing to do with open sexual talks,  a trap to get us and children involved with discussing matters of homosexual and heterosexual sex.

This is what Masonry and Free masonry white supremacy is about the same people who every day attempt to sell us a bill of goods.

I have long said and will long repeat that matters of sex should be a private affair and sexual orgies and magical sexual ritual is no longer the way Government is run.  This is the old way, except in the old days our suit and tie mason politicians also murdered their child victims in a satanic ritual to get rid of the evidence.

We have historically opposed secret societies,

Our way of life is forged by faith in God and expressed differently inside each one of our souls and in this is great freedom and an expression of freedom that is undeniably ours unique and cannot be taken from us.

If not in God, our way of life is forged by belief that we in ourselves can do better for our lives and not needing any false men or false politics to help us.

Without truth what are we?

What will become of our nations if we continue allow others to guide people to believe in lies?

Every day a video of a Mason is played it is the voice of the dead and to live in a Mason or Free Mason world one has to accept in being led by the skulls and bones of the dead.

It bothers me that people hold so fast to lies all because they were deceived tricked and witched into liking mason politicians.

Are we not sufficient in ourselves to lead our country that we should be ruled by the enemies of the state and their false media?

I believe we are and if I am still writing these words, it is because there are still problems with Black Magic groups and secret societies still waiting for just the right moment to take over what God’s holy Spirit intends for good people.

They ignore and tempt the justice of providence, God’s justice and when it catches up to them its too late.

What kind of people are these who wish that God save them so they can continue their media and news slavery?

What kind of people are these who wish that God save them as opposed to deliver them from their possessed spirits.

Time will prove to everyone that goodness and providence and the wrath of God sleeps but a short time and only appears when we fail to live up to all the political talk of self-government. 

And like every day before today I write of these things while trying also to find a way to bless you.

No one can take away your freedom unless you believe in their lies. No one can take away your freedom but yourself and by your actions.

Try every day to do your best in life, learn of God and of the ways of God and be reconciled in the fact that God is good and merciful and quick to forgive us and better lives we have if we only allow God’s Holy Spirit to enter into our lives.

I offer you my peace again and tomorrow is another day.

Should you find me still writing about these things try to find a way to forgive me, because I am not going to stop untill this is over and your safe and free from those who wish to overcome you every day with fresh lies about politics news and general information.

Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st nom de Plume JC Angelcraft

Dec 28 2017 We remain at a level 7 state of emergency for poltical news and information.

October 10, 2017 What we are is daily made manifest to ourselves and to others.  In times of a government crisis manifest destiny daily reveals who our true leaders really are while providence brings to justice the elements of our deterrence.

During a political and leadership crisis, manifest destiny is not proven by live television; but under seemingly impossible odds and circumstances, manifest destiny  is confirmed every day over a long period of time during which the course of justice and the processes of justice are in effect.

We have survived a great holocaust of death and no matter what we call our governments, goodness always means the same thing.

The Fires of transparency and the Processes of Justice remain in effect.

JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Aga Khan V Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Espiritvs nom de plume JC Angelcraft E-PLURIBUS-UNUM Author the Nine Needs all Humans Have …read them at HIERO 

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