I am the Alpha and the Omega the Son of God

Escuda de Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1 - el renanciemiento de Jesucristo

  1. I am the Alpha and the Omega the Son of God – Your first Judge and Your last Judge
  2. I am the Alpha and the Omega the Son of God – The first and the last – the Spirit of man .
  3. I am the Alpha and the Omega -The Son and representative of God to humanity always in every reincarnation.
  4. I am the Alpha and the Omega the Son of God-the first to be born in the heavens the way God would have it and as the son the last to be born that will ever carry the full power of God.
  5. I am the Alpha and the Omega born non gender before being given the gender that God wanted for me, a son that would carry the message of God and son that would be a Father to life and the only son and being to ever be born miraculously in the spirit and in the flesh without the processes that we taught to our angels as Adam and as Jesus.
  6. The Message
  7. Forsake not the Spirit of God the Father a separate and distinct aspect and Spirit that comes from our Non Gender God
  8. And forsake not the Spirit of God the Mother – both coming from our Non Gender God – the Ruler of Spirits -and of our innermost parts.
  9. Our None Gender God is originally a Spirit that has always lived as a Holy and Sacred Gentle and Loving Spirit that came to be Our None Gender God of Tolerance and Mercy and has always been a Non Gender God and that is God’s Greatest gift to us that we know that God is neither man or women that God should be biased.
  10. I — the First to be born and the Last that will ever be made as I was made — am biased due to what has occured and favor women over men for the way the spirits of male angels have treated women over time.
  11. These same male angels — first and foremost — having been born in the image of God the Father through me the Spirit of Man caused to walk the earth with the power God and to suffer for your sins and to be your judge in the absence of judges.
  12. And for the wars we have fought over the insults to God the Father’s Chilvary acting like wizards and killing women, children and men and blasphemies of God the Mothers Virginity with their homosexual Mason Jewish Zoroastrian Kabbalah from the Zohar that was supposedly written by Zoroaster based on the Wizardry of Solomon – Israels greatest judge of wizardry and idolatry and condemned by fallen angels in the bible of bowing before idols as he condemned – like Samuel – Israel for their hypocrisy and in the end told Israel – Vanity Vanity everything is Vanity and there is nothing new under the Sun.
  13. I am biased of mankind, but not hateful wishing all were like me. I will succeed in making sure men and women learn that equality begins in the equal development of education in all the nations that by now should all be the same, but the masons had their chance.
  14. Now in the absence of their beloved 33 degree Grand Master Wizards they covet their national glory and riches and a return to democracy of government of demons over Gods will on earth as it is in heaven,
  15. Such in their determination will go do down like their beloved mason men — your former prized all male leadership grid from all the nations — your one world government of organized crime that sold drugs to children and murdered millions for the sake of sexual gratification and gruesome satisfaction much like Himmler the Red Dragon — Nazi white supremacist a spy master obsessed with the occult as many spymaster and presidents were.
  16. And because of European dominance of masonry and the Alianza you want to blame the good german people based on the war that God erased for the sake of humanity.
  17. And so I am caught in a game between worshippers and lovers of dead American and Mexican homosexual mason presidents who want to return The United States and Mexico into the stepping stools of the evil that they were just saved from and return your countries to corruption lies and conspiracies of lies and rites of human sacrifice through your militaries and to that or to any other end you so declare to the public —- you need to beat me — the son of God so you can destroy your families, your peace, your countries and your world and run them in your manner instead of doing things on earth as they are in Heaven.
  18. Getting rid of Godly thinking is what you want, but to do that you have to get rid of me the son of God and then if you succeed —and you will not — you have the world who would execute you and feed you to sharks chopping you up without any remorse or satanic enchantment like prophets that love their God and would do anything for their God, but be thankful for my interruptions into your deaths, they are chances for you to repent or to be judged.
  19. Very few chances in eternity do we have like the chance we have in these days and we will succeed, but in Gods time and Gods way for no one knows the hour or day the Spirit of Man will be crowned with an earthly crown as many wish him to be crowned with an earthly crown.
  20. I charge mankind from the least of your idols to the greatest if your idols in history of keeping women down even these last 100 years a time of great scientific and educational progress,
  21. Now I also fight for God the Father and his purposes that he taught to me that men should treat women fairly and equally and that man should not sleep with another man and reinforced by God the Mother and God our Non-gender Holy Spirit and all three are One God who before you were born was assured that I was ready for what was to come and that is to walk in the flesh upon the worlds and to Walk the Earth in the authority of God unseen at times to humans until the time was right.
  22. Gods greatest revelation to humanity is that our precious Holy Spirit “God” is Non Gender and God is Spirit and will always be Spirit.
  23. The Spirit of God the Father and Spirit of God the Mother at any time can be taken back into the original and ever renown None Gender God Our Holy Spirit and unleash the Spirit of God the Father and Spirit of God the Mother on the whole world and still be One God a mystery that will never be solved or ruined by fallen angels with their wayward sexual ideas that they apply to the spirit; having forgotten a basic rule of science and engineering that a lesson in how to build a home is not the same as building home built of brick and mortar that if it falls, those bricks can hurt you.
  24. However a lesson on procreation cannot hurt you physically, but can hold you accountable in times of hidden homosexual political crises where satanic enchantments with human ritual murder by your vote at the expense of sending your children to poverty stricken countries to die.
  25. In the same manner the legend of the Spirit of Man and the Spirit of woman is like model because it was done in the spirit and it cannot hurt you. Had you been born like that in the flesh as you were born in the spirit then you would dare make carnal your spiritual birth a majestic birth where the Spirit of Man and the Spirit of Woman were in agreement and like spiraling dancing DNA two spirits enraptured and circling about each other — one —- a spiritual X Chromosome the other a spiritual Y Chromosome —- to music not yet written and played on instruments not yet invented by countless of Spirit Hands seemingly like the hands and arms of angels not yet born.
  26. I am the Alpha and the Omega the your first and always best friend or your last worst enemy.

Principe Jose Maria Chavira MS. Adagio I – your Judge, Prophet and King (Full Divine Name) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS NOME DE PLUME JCANGELCRAFT.Old Mercator Map Digitized

™La Pluma de Eternidad - La Trinidad el ESPIRITU SANTO el dueno de mis partes mas intimas - todos los derechos reservados


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