Royal Letter from the Desk of Prince Adagio Versailles France: Divine Royal Headquarters.

Palace Of Versailles Opens Doors For Night Time Art Show
Divine Royal World Headquarters -Palace of Versailles, Royal Château of Principe Adagio – Adagio 1

March 4th 2015 – Royal correspondence from the Desk of Prince Adagio Versailles France: Divine Royal Headquarters.

I am pleased that God has chosen a country with a rich tradition of Divine Royalty and a country that has little compromised its masculinity and femininity in their Kings and their Queens.

God has chosen France because France in the modern period of these last 1900 years has fought hard to keep its Theocracy from falling to Democracy and God and I have also fought for them when they were out numbered.”

The Versailles is my home for this Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and has been my home before. I wish to accommodate Queen Ren who may sit my throne to conduct the affairs of the Theocracy of France when I am at any one of my other estates and castles all over the world, but France must be my home as my Crown as the King of this World is ordained by God to rule from France as King of Kings and Queens and Lord of Lords.

I pray Queen Ren is happy with her castle estate and who will govern France from her Castle Estate unless she chooses another Castle France to conduct the affairs of France. A small court in the Versailles shall be constructed for her in the event I am at the Palace and am at home in my Castle and Residence and in use of the main throne room.

I am delighted to return to France — a home that I return to with great delight and tears in my heart and gladness in my soul.

I pray that God Sanctify all people in France awaiting me and all people in the world who are not able to make it France.

I am already in France in the spirit and according God’s perfect will conducting the affairs of this world each and every day from where God permits and from where God needs me.

May France remember to pray for their dead — the victims of Masons a group that defied God and committed Blasphemy on God and the Church by murdering the Angels of heaven who as mortal men, mortal women and little baby children were denied the fullness of their life on earth.

May God be praised for those Angels shall get another chance in a new life when they born again or even resurrected from the dead.

May the Angels of heaven Herald the arrival of God’s Holy Spirit who is in me for I and the Holy Spirit are one.

It is my desire to continue to share the greatest Castle in the world with public under controlled conditions and with tour guides with breaks for the conduction of world government affairs.

Approved by God’s Holy Spirit and written and edited by the royal staff and written by Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio I –


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