“The Irony of protestantism”

May 12th 2014 Mazatlan YHVH Jerusalem – Every major faith has impacted this world in every culture.  Its residue can be seen in old temples that technically are not part of that culture’s mainstream beliefs and old temples at that e.g. Cao’an – the only extant Manichaeans temple in China.”

Now according to historical records of geographic regions in China –in the area of Manchuria and Korea– a strong migration to the area that came to be known in its Empirical Beginning’s of a great Manchurian Dynasty around 1200 during the crusades and the migration may well have been Islamic Inspired and conversion to Manichaeanism  and quite possibly was a proposed alternative religion by the Prophet of Islam when Thus spoke Mohammad –as early as the 600 B.C. as an Alternative if Chinese had lost faith in their cultural center confused by the supernatural voice of yet another prophet and still could get themselves to believe in the revival of Islam or a Tao that has been altered by their forefathers.

Thus the defeated central Vatican church –known for its evils even then– could not reach Chinese Manichaeans to persecute them and kill them like they persecuted Albigensians.   Left alone these Chinese Manichaeans under great religious and political leaders such as Fu Manchu eventually established a new spiritual Holy Spirit Protestant Dynasty in Manchuria.

Then the 1700-1900’s the Manchurian Empire got great support from Joseph Smith and Buddhist Manichaeanism alive powerfully in China for centuries even before 1700’s.

™JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI - Cao’an – the only extant Manichean Temple in China”
Cao’an – the only extant Manichean Temple in China” the Temple dates to 1339 but Manichean belief is recorded as early as 6th century A.D. and its evolution with Buddhism makes for an interesting study – Read a nice study of Manichaeism by way of the Cao’an temple on wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cao’an and at http://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/manicheism-v-in-china-1

The secrets of prophets is that they come to judge and many times rule over the world by supernatural power and they leave their traces in every culture and in every good religion and good holy book ever transcribed by human and holy hands.

In Japan a country –far removed geographically and in time from the Persia of Darius I —  has in its language the word “Mazda” a blessed word for it means God in Japanese.

So blessed a word that Mazda became a successful car company the result of its founder choosing it as the name for their company –a company famous– for its innovation and the rotary engine that makes it a very reliable car.

Intertwined with Buddhist board of directors mostly,  the name Mazda thus stands as a reminder to Japan as a time when Thus spoke Ahura Mazda to the world through Zoroaster the Prophet and God King.

Toyota has its own spiritual history as well.  The suffix means “Bright Sunshine” and when etymology relates anything great in its foundations to “the Sun” it is because its true meaning was lost to the winning efforts of demons that translated the word for “Son” into “Sun” to promote “Sun Worship” such as the human sacrifice “Sun Worship” of the Aztecs or the Worship of “the Sun” in Greece as opposed to “Son of God” worship and either way the Son of God’s Holy Spirit aways points you back to monotheistic declaration that  “there is only one Holy Spirit who is perfect without any name assigned to that Holy Spirit.”


“Every good religion on this earth is of our Holy Spirit whom is Father and Mother to us all.  And although we may not understand and get confused by the Spirit of Man and the Spirit of Woman and the cultural names we have assigned in our attempts to personalize  God’s Holy Spirit and make what is not Tangible, tangible to our understanding and that is not to forget our prophets and spiritual and educational leaders names that we blame for making God’s Holy Spirit tangible, by allowing our cultural nuances to name the same Holy Spirit and the messengers there of by names different in every culture.  

Names such as Allah, YHWH, YHVH, Jehova  Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Hypathia,  Zarathustra,  Ruth, Ahura-Mazda, Jesus Christ, Esther, Guru Nanak, Joseph Smith,  Mary Baker Eddy, the Virgin Mary, Eric Sorenson, Veda, Eda, Moroni, Lord Rama Krishna, Athena the Godess of Wisdom, Bahá’u’lláh, Isaiah, Solomon, King David, Tao, Master Kung,  and, Bahá’u’lláh Bahai born Mírzá Ḥusayn-`Alí Núrí, just to name a few great names associated with great religions and believe in the “The Right Holy Spirit” at least at the time of their founding  and faith sustained them.  

Such faiths have added their mark to the road we know as reincarnation;  that each time we are born again we walk the same path,  even if we choose a different good religion.

In doing so we now to follow the most basic of commandments that we learned in heaven and have written in our penal codes as they have been written in our hearts less we vex ourselves and our consciousness to forget the laws of Heaven and the Law of Judgment and that is the Law of  “the Wages of Sin is Death”

We know right from wrong- especially Wizard Masons and witches that support them and who use “return to innocence enchantments,”  after committing mass murder such as witched genocide or individual human sacrifices that weigh heavy one the conscious mind and the ordinary person that knows not magic would after killing someone either kill themselves or turn themselves in.   

With all these great names comes the understanding that they survive as do their teachings and their temples because they are works of the Holy Spirit helping us in our fight against hypocrisy and black magic performed by the fallen angels that coveted man more than they did women until they became demons, false spirits and us in a race to save their lives by both the pen, and sword and sometimes isolated from them by our Holy Spirit  leaving them to war against themselves in wars not recorded perfectly or adequately in our recorded history of time.


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