I and the Holy Spirit are one


  1. I and the Holy Spirit are one

  2. Asked is the question why does Creation challenge us so?
  3. Because it is written that Mankind shall not lay with Mankind, sayeth the son of the Holy Spirit
  4. Asked again is the question why does Creation challenge us so?
  5. So there is no doubt as to how children are born between men and women and even the animals of the land and of the sea.
  6. Asked is the Question why do the different legends of creation vex us so
  7. To quell the interests of children and unlearned adults legends must continue each in their own culture and wisdom is the new religion of science “The Earth Was Born of Power, Water and Fire”
  8. And Blessed are your legends –that do no always run concurrent with each other– and are legends that men cannot destroy and such legends will always thrive even in the presence of the new divine religion of science intended for understanding and growth and intended NOT to make you fall in your faith.
  9. Asked again is the question why does Creation challenge us so?
  10. Legends that support the way of nature that understands that mankind cannot lie with mankind as birds cannot lie with bees. This doctrine must be followed for such is the way of the fittest who will survive and inhabit the planet.
  11. Any such river of knowledge that supports the nature of procreation that mankind must procreate with womankind is wisdom to he and she that embraces the wisdom of procreation.
  12. Asked again is the question why does Creation challenge us so?
  13. Answered is your query in the present and understanding is a crown to the man or women who despite their knowledge does not politicize, publicize, or promote an unnatural sexual lifestyle.
  14. Asked again is the question why does Creation challenge us so?
  15. Answered is your query and it relates to creation and creation legends in general
  16. I Am the Holy Spirit, and like a large Ocean, I am a mother and father to all life inside and outside the ocean;
  17. And like “a ring of fire” I bring forth the land masses to rise up from beneath the water by Volcanoes of fire and lava.
  18. Asked again is the question why does Creation challenge us so?
  19. Because you have used the new religion of science to lead men and women astray and fill the minds of humans with theories of chaos and of “A-Sexual” reproduction thinking mankind will evolve so that mankind can lay with mankind and reproduce children.
  20. Asked is the question help us in our misunderstanding oh Holy Spirit without name yet tolerant of many.
  21. I Am the Holy Spirit and like the Sea refuse no river of knowledge that facilitates “Right Thinking” and “Right Religion.”
  22. I Am the Holy Spirit without name or fixed form
  23. And like the clouds of the air never the same shape twice ; always changing and always moving about the earth
  24. I Am the Holy Spirit without name or fixed form
  25. And like the mortal flesh of your reincarnations, never the same body twice and yet can be everything simultaneously that walks or crawls
  26. I am the Holy Spirit, a sky blue canvas adorned with the metaphor of a rainbow
  27. I exist simultaneously in all places and in all things in the day and in the night
  28. I Am the Holy Spirit eternal in nature without beginning and since I am eternal the word end is not relative to my nature
  29. I Am the collective of all the Heavens that exist, the stars that shine brightly throughout the Universes, the Galaxies, the Worlds and all the space in between.
  30. I Am the drapes of a dreamy royal blue night sky
  31. I Am the canvass and the pigments of your favorite paintings.
  32. And every swirl of colored oil drawn on paper by a child or painted on canvass by a Master is for me a memory of what I have created
  33. I Am the past and I am the future
  34. I Am the Holy Spirit,
  35. Without name, without gender, without a Beginning who cares nothing for riches or gold but the creator of “Right Commerce” that humans might have purpose and their natures tested.
  36. I am the Holy Spirit who cares little for wealth, but looks for a friend and good heart and soul to make myself manifest in.
  37. Asked is the Question what is “Right Commerce” oh Great and Gentle Holy Spirit.
  38. I Am the Holy Spirit
  39. I am a bestower of wealth to nations and I taketh away the wealth of nations so that people will know that I Am that I Am.
  40. I bestow life and limit that life so that humankind experience reincarnation for humankind cannot live forever in the flesh lest they think themselves like god’s forgetting their first love.
  41. Asked is the Question, “we need a name and a proper description oh Oh Great and gentle Holy Spirit?”
  42. I Am the Eternal Spirit without name, without form, I am nameless and matchless, I am a void and an expanse yet forever conclusive and always in every niche of an Eternity that has never had a beginning.
  43. I Am unseen and in every aspect of energy, life, ethereal space and understood by my children that love me
  44. I Am inside every aspect of human mortality yet can hide in the minds and souls of men and women that carry my essence.
  45. I Am in all life and I am in all death, I am the author of tolerance for sinful are the ways of wicked men liars to their own kin and victims of the dead.
  46. I Am every cell, and in every gamete
  47. And in every division of cell that occurs—is the secret of life and how you are born.
  48. I Am the first breath that you take inside and outside the womb of your mother awakening your reincarnated soul that has fused with the ovum since impregnation started.
  49. I Am the baptismal water that breaks in your mothers womb and blesses your reincarnation that new birth required to see the Kingdom of Heaven.
  50. I Am your last dying breath and your intelligence and conscience when lo your soul leaves your body in death
  51. I Am a model maker and the creator of your spirit that cometh from my own when together you were made from me the spirit of man and the spirit of women in a wonderful, beautiful and mystical musical symbiosis when the two the spirit of man and the spirit of woman became as one Holy Spirit to create your angelic souls, just like Adam and Eve became as one flesh and one spirit when they procreated Cain and Able their first two children.
  52. I Am your Holy Spirit who made first the spirit of man and became the spirit of woman forgotten to even your understanding that legends might be made and great Archangels might be born, always being pure and always having my completeness intact without form, without name and without gender.
  53. There is only one Holy Spirit and I the Holy Spirit, am greater than the idols you call gods that you worship and sacrifice humans too.
  54. I am the Holy Spirit and I am greater than your Idols and the murderous cannibalistic legends you make of them of your own free will that cause men and women to eat the Blood, and the Flesh of Humans and children.
  55. I am the Holy Spirit that has thus told you, “though shall not eat the Blood for the Blood is the Life.”
  56. To music were your souls were made.  Awaken to the real mysteries of what truly matters and what is beautiful to behold such as your heavenly birth.
  57. And in your angelic creation, I was every harp, and every instrument played to a slowly forming soul each one an adagio an angel of great potential and magnanimous possibilities.
  58. As the spirit of man, the spirit of women–the best part of me taught you in the spirit how you would be created
  59. Then mysteriously the two became as one Holy Spirit and as unseen angels sang in the pregnant bosom of eternity still unborn my voice through them was the promise of life and to that promise was each one born male and female.
  60. And for every new Angel that was made, a part of me fused tightly into their innermost part and in Heaven did I nurse each Angel and to those yet unborn being each angel until their time was at hand.
  61. To create your souls, intelligence and wisdom made you unique, like spiritual and musical DNA before you even learned of and named the acids of the Double Helix.
  62. I Am the Holy Spirit never the same twice and each of you a melody, each one different from the next
  63. My word, my morality is unchanging and in the sense of your mores I am the same today as I was yesterday.
  64. I am a gentle Holy Spirit without name, without form, yet inside all things that humans might know I am the only God, a formless God of power and energy a Spirit of Tolerance and the bearer of life.
  65. When you do not recognize me in yourself, I am what you love that is pure and not mutated by your self prescribed mores.
  66. When you think yourself lost,  I Am whatever you love so much that is pure.
  67. I am that book or human that comes to life to nourish your soul at just the right moment, or even a stray humble dog or cat that crosses your path when you are down and need love and understanding.
  68. With or without you knowing, you take me everywhere in your heart until you return to my bosom from whence you came and I experience your sins in silence respecting your free will until the time to assess each of your incarnations comes after you die.
  69. I Am the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of Heaven that resides within you and can come to life at any time you decide to live a moral life.
  70. I am the maker who never rejects my creation who is allowed to choose between good and evil only so many times till evil or good become your master
  71. If evil be thy master and choice, then evil be thy destroyer and in the end you shall see that evil hath no throne and as such you destroyed yourselves.
  72. I Am the Way, I Am the Truth, and I Am the Light, nobody reincarnates from the first Heaven but by me the Holy Spirit the Key to understanding that I, the Holy Spirit am the compendium of all good religions, all good thoughts, all good philosophies that espouse the right to Life, Moral Liberty, and the pursuit of moral happiness where all humans are treated equally and fairly by the rich and middle class alike.
  73. I am the Door that you can Knock on that will be opened unto you when you walk in my ways –a way that is one path– a narrow path –the way of FAITH—the same path walked in many ways through any good religion you posses inside your heart.
  74. I Am the Key given to you the Key that opens the door to Eternity so you can open it freely once you have overcome
  75. I am you’re Holy Spirit who will never leave you nor forsake you, but bestow freewill on all so those that choose evil can forsake me and bestow all judgment to my firstborn son who facilitates the choice of your souls in each of your incarnations and records them in the book of judgments.
  76. Asked is the Question, “Why shall God not suffer with men forever?”
  77. It is written that “Vengeance is Mine” sayeth the Lord –the Spirit of Man–who is my Son to whom all judgment is commended. It is understood that because of free will I nor the Spirit of Man can lead you into temptation. It is written to resist temptation and evil and evil and temptation will flee from you. It is understood the devil is no longer thrown into the bottomless pit.
  78. It is today now written but long understood that evil is a choice. Evil is the choice of the dead and the fallen. Evil is a free will choice and the road to self-destruction.The Queen of Shiva and Prince Adagio

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